Altitude: 7,785m  
Base Camp Altitude: 3900m             
Location: Batura Glacier     
Range:    Karakoram            
Ideal Duration:    45 Days  
Best Time: June - August   
No of Camps Required: 04.

The highest peak in the Batura Range is Batura I with 7,785 meters. In 1947, RCF Schomberg explored the southern approaches to Batura from Baltar and Kukuay glaciers and found them blocked by a sheer mountain wall of a height of nearly 6,000ft. Earlier, in September 1925, a strong survey-exploratory team of Dr. Philips Christian Visser, his wife Jenny Visser-Hooft and others, after returning to Passu via Karun Pir, is stated to have explored the whole of Batura Glacier.

In 1976, German Goppinger Himalayan expedition of Dr. Alexander Schlee, consisting of six persons, went to the area to climb the peak. After setting up base camp and five other camps, two of its members climbed the peak braving a very bad and cloudy day.
The other nearby peak is called Batura II or peak No.31. Some European maps show its height as 7,730m while Japanese maps show it as 7,760m and 7,710m. 





01 Islamabad/Briefing Hotel
02 Islamabad-Chilas Hotel
03 Chilas-Passu Hotel
04-06 Trek to Base Camp Hotel
07-40 Climbing Hotel
41 Trek to Passu-Karimabad Camp
42 Karimabad-Besham Camp
43 Besham-Islamabad Camp
44 Debriefing Camp
45 Departure from Pakistan. Camp
Batura-I Peak 7,785 M Expedition
Batura-I Expedition
Batura I Peak Expeditions


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