Gasherbrum means "Shining Wall". Highest (8,068m/26,470ft) among the six peaks of the huge massif, it has been called ‘Hidden Peak’ by nineteenth century British explorer Conway. There are six Gasherbrum Peaks, Hidden peak is the highest one among them. It is world’s eleventh highest peak with challenging technical difficulties at lower level of ascent. Its first part of climb is steep snow and ice with rocks then easy climb on snow and mixed slops. The most common route is North West Face. 

The first successful ascend was made on July 5, 1958 by an American Expedition led by Mr. Nick Clinch when his two fellow climbers Pete Schoening and Andy Kauffman reached on the summit for the first time. August 31, 1954.





01 Islamabad Hotel
02 Briefing at Ministry of Tourism Hotel
03 Islamabad-Chilas Hotel
04 Chilas-Skardu Hotel
05 Skardu Hotel
06 Skardu-Askoli Camp
07 Askoli-Jula Camp
08 Jula-Paiju Camp
09 Paiju Camp
10 Paiju-Urdukus Camp
11 Urdukus-Goro-II Camp
12 Goro-II-Concordia Camp
13 Shagharing Camp
14 Gasherbrum Base Camp Camp
15-41 Climbing Days Reserved for Ascend of Gasherbrum-II Camp
42 Gasherbrum Base Camp-Goro Camp
43 Goro-II-Urdukus Camp
44 Urdukus-Paiju Camp
45 Paiju-Korofong Camp
46 Korofong-Askoli-Skardu Hotel
47 Skardu-Chilas Hotel
48 Chilas-Islamabad Hotel
49 De-briefing Hotel
50 Departure - - -
Gasherbrum-I 8068m Karakoram Pakistan
Gasherbrum-I 8068m Karakoram Pakistan
Gasherbrum-I 8068m Karakoram Pakistan


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