Shimshal pass is situated in the very remotest valleys of Hunza in the northern areas of Pakistan. Two days travel from Shimshal village, which is at an altitude of approximately about 4700-M, this beautiful pasture is so vast, hate the dwellers of this village spend six months with their cattle in this charming pasture. The Pamir pasture or Shimshal pass has attractive snow clad peaks are above 600mt is Minglig Sar and Quz Sar are the most popular for trekking group in the pass there are beautiful lakes surroundings is a grassy area, the Braldo pass sprate from this pastur to snow lake and reached Askoli Skardu which are paradise for skiers as well. There is so many short and long passes, from the top of Minglig Sar seen the magnificent scenery of world second highest mountain k-2 and other 7000-M. In this pasture several interesting event is the yak racing festival and the celebrations and festivals, on the end of harvest all villagers back to Shimshal only in the winter yaks remain in the mountain.






01 Arrive Islamabad Hotel
02 Fly to Gilgit (Weather Permitting),Or Drive to Chilas. Hotel
03 Stay in Gilgit If Fly Or Drive Chilas to Karimabad. Hotel
04 Karimabad to Gulmit. Hotel
05 Drive by Jeeps to Shimshal Walk If Necessary. Camp
06 Shimshal / Zardgarben. Camp
07 Zardgarben / Purien - E- Ben. Camp
08 Purien-E-Ben / Shuijerab. Camp
09 Shuijerab / Shuwerth / Shimshal Pass. Camp
10 Manglik Sar Climb. Camp
11 Shimshal Pass / Purien-E-Ben. Camp
12 Purien-E-Ben / Zardgarben. Camp
13 To Shimshal Village. Hotel
14 Drive to Gulmit. Hotel
15 Drive to Gilgit. Hotel
16 Fly to Islamabad (Weather Permitting), Or Drive To Besham. Hotel
17 Free Day In Rawalpindi Or Arrive Islamabad. Hotel
18 Fly to Onward Destination. - - -
Shimshal Pass Trek
Shimshal Pass Trek
Shimshal Pamir Trek

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