Range: Karakoram
Altitude: 6,300m
Zone: Open
Duration: 33 Days
Best Time: May - October.

Biacherahi Towers a group of rock towers stand close to Latok group. A 1000m or more wall and gigantic block of granite has got altitude, snow and ice make an ideal Tower for adventure lover. The approach to the south ridge is not so easy with frightening crevasses and a steep couloirs where one can led to a point and can start climbing. In the first half aid over A2 is needed. Knife blades and PR are expected to apply often. A 5.10 grade with utmost care for unstable rocks and stones, it is also needed to fixed rope on the ice slopes. The base camp is about 4500m. From the base camp to your left is North Face of Latok; in front are Ogre II and to the right Biacherahi Towers.

Mr.Yamanoi and Kurtyka made the first ascent on August 14, 2001 (August 14 is also the Pakistan Independence Day) on Central Peak of Biacherahi Towers. There are many unclimbed routes and unclimbed Biacherahi Towers waiting for fun lover. One can spare about three weeks for climbing. If you do it earlier it will be a bonus for you to try your luck on other towers. Biacherahi Tower is in a open zone and below 6000m, you did not need to pay government for peak permit, it is three to four days walk from road ahead. But please remember most important thing in an expedition is logistics. Please come in an organize way, and hire local support. Concentrate your time and efforts on climbing this beautiful mountain.A three or four day walk will bring you from Askole Village to 4500m base camp for group of peak mentioned above.

From Islamabad a 24 hours drive will bring you to the gateway of Karakoram Mountain Skardu Valley. After making final arrangement another 6-7 hours jeep drive and 3-4 days walk will bring you to the base of Biacherahi.





01 Arrive Islamabad, Welcome reception. Hotel
02 Drive to Chilas. Hotel
03 Drive to Skardu. Hotel
04 Free day at Skardu for sightseeing. Hotel
05 Drive to Askole. Camp
06 Askole - Korophong. Camp
07 Korophong to Jhula. Camp
08 Trek to Base Camp of Biacherahi. Camp
09-28 Climbing Activities. Camp
29-30 Trek back Base camp - Skardu. Hotel
31 Rest day at Skardu, Exploring. Hotel
32 Drive to Chilas. Hotel
33 Drive to Islamabad. - - -
Range: Karakoram
Gasherbrum-II 8035m Karakoram Pakistan
Gasherbrum-II 8035m Karakoram Pakistan


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