Gujarab is also a pasture of shimshal which is so vast their inhabitants of the villagers spend whole months in this pasture, after crossing shopodin pass so many small pastures finally reached warben the main grazing area then crossing the chapchingol river by steal wire is very interesting and cross many time the cool river on the left is Sonya peak and right is the chapchingol passes to khunjarab pass.





01 Arrival in Islamabad and transfer to the Hotel. Hotel
02 Drive to Chilas. Hotel
03 Drive from Chilas to Karimabad. Hotel
04 Drive to Gulmit. Hotel
05 Free day in Gulmit. Hotel
06 Gulmit to Shimsha l (by jeep). Hotel
07 Shimshal-Zarthgarban. Camp
08 Zarthgarban-Shapodin. Camp
09 Shpodin-Perchodwaskh. Camp
10 Perchodwaskh-Mandeqashlage. Camp
11 Mandeqashlage-Warben. Camp
12 Warben-Targeen. Camp
13 Targeen-Chafchingol Base Camp. Camp
14 Base Camp-Koksil. Camp
15 Koksil-Sust. Hotel
16 Sust to Gulmit. Hotel
17 Drive to Chilas. Hotel
18 Drive to Islamabad. - - -
Masherbrum Base Camp
Masherbrum Base Camp
Masherbrum Base Camp


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