In the South of Punjab along the border of India lies the mysterious desert of Cholistan, its sands spreading further every year engulfing fields & villages. This dry expanse holds in its heart a treasure of archaeological & historical sites, old Mughal forts & very interesting nomadic tribes who moves from well to well & Toba to Toba (water ponds) as the season changes. The dry expanse of Cholistan desert was once the lush green valley of the great Hakra River which suddenly disappeared about 4000 years ago with it went the glory of this land. The jungles vanished, wildlife migrated & civilizations living along its banks moved on to the fertile banks of the Indus River.

Today Cholistan is inhabited by tribes of poor nomads who breed camels & cattles. They are peaceful & friendly people living in mud huts & sheep skin tents. Although they frequently face droughts & dry spells they still love the deserts & their animals, around which revolve most of their tales & songs. 

The only way to travel in this expanse of sand dunes & dry bushes is on camel back. When the camel man return to their villages at sunset after a hard & hot day in the desert they are greeted with the sound of the flute & the distant bells of returning cattle which create an enchanting atmosphere. The tired men sit in the centre of the village around the fire on Camel hair durries, sip tea & watch the sun go down over their beloved land of beauty & wilderness. To explore this area of mysterious beauty in the most natural way we organize camel safaris for you to have deep experience of this desert & people that will touch soul.  



01 Fly from home to Islamabad & connect flight to Multan.
02 Drive to Bahawalpur.
03 Drive at the edge of semi desert to Chanan Pir.
04 On Camel back to Dori.
05 Continue to Toba Saif Wale.
06 Last day of camel ride to Majestic Drawar Fort.
07 Drive to Uch Sharif, famous for saint’s tombs of 13th-14th century & return to Multan.
08 Fly to Karachi, Lahore or Islamabad to catch home bound flight.  


Cholistan Camel Safari

Cholistan Camel Safari
Cholistan Camel Safari
Choistan Camel Safari


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