Explore guided itineraries to some of the Pakistan’s best and unique festivals. With so many festivals in Pakistan, immerse yourself in culture with a festival tour. Experience the spectacular sounds of a music festival holiday or marvel at the vibrant colors, to visit a country and meet its people during a festival can be an experience second to none: you will bring home not just life-long memories of colours, music, dancing and fun but also a richer understanding of the traditions and beliefs that make the country what it is.

Join one of our group tours during a festival and experience a country in a whole new light. Our expert local tour le guides will take you under the skin of your destination, often enabling access to parts of a festival visitors wouldn't usual see. 

The major festivals in Pakistan mark various occasions important in the culture of Pakistan like the onset of new seasons, new crop or harvest, the legends or the Pakistan culture of a particular state/region. The festival tours of Pakistan take you to a journey of Pakistan culture. With every festival you will discover a new blend and the veiled historical legacy. As a tourist you can have festival tours of Pakistan. We at Hunza Adventure Tours offer you the best Festival Tours of Pakistan. We also provide you in advance the accommodation and the pre arrangements required to initiate that festival tour.

The rich cultural heritage of Pakistan can be experienced best by joining in the festivities of one of its many vivacious festivals. Pakistan is often entitled as the land of fairs and festivals. All the way through the year assorted festivals are celebrated in Pakistan. Tourists based of different religions and ethnic backgrounds participate in these festivals and rejoice the spirit of life and hues of diverse cultures indigenous in our country. Pakistani festivals call every visitor from all around the blue planet to plunge in the sense of utter celebration and commemoration. The festival tours to Pakistan take the tourists close to the diverse cultural and traditional diversity of this nation. For this reason we have created a handful of affordable yet all-inclusive festival tour packages to correspond with some of Pakistan's most pulsating festivals.

All Pakistani festival has lots of diversity, according to the culture, lifestyle, language, religion of each state and regions.

You are welcome to the lovely land of Pakistan to visit the versatile country with fantastic hues of festivals, which are bound to leave you spellbound.

If you want to see the deep roots of the traditions, belief, lifestyle, living, food, art, the festivals are the window to view the true color of Pakistan. With Pakistan Festival Tour, you will find out a new merger of the cultural and historical event behind it. The festival tour take you close to the diverse cultural and traditional diversity of this nation and to suit your pocket and comfort both equally.

Pakistan is well known for its rambunctious, non-stop festivals. At any time of the year, there is a festival being celebrated in Northern areas of Pakistan.. Even Pakistan has more festivals and events than a number of days in a year.

Marvel at the fact that all the festivals speak of vivacity, colors, high spirit, dedications, ebullience, peace, power, humanity messages, appetizing foods, sport activities, artistic performance, prayers, and rituals.

Ranging from the festival of colors to the festival of lights all the festival is celebrated with full enthusiasm and joy around the year.
Pakistan is a destination which is known for its rich and diverse culture. The rich culture has been preserved in various forms formidable forts, palaces and havelis, magnificent mosques. Besides architectural uniqueness, innumerable numbers of fairs and festivals are also an integral part of Pakistani culture. Each festival celebrated in Pakistan is unique but enthusiasm, feasts and colour are common for all these fairs. Pakistan for travelers is at its best when visited during these celebrations of life as that is the time when you can experience most fascinating rich culture of Pakistan. We organize various fairs and festivals tour of Pakistan combined with special events to make your tour a memorable tour which you remain in your mind and soul forever.

If you would like to travel in an area not mentioned in our itineraries, or customize an existing itinerary we will accommodate your needs. All itineraries are 100% customizable.

Shandur Polo Festival


Polo the Game of Kings, and the king of all games are traditionally played in the Northern areas of Pakistan and Chitral for over the centuries, it has been played between the small kingdoms, villages and rival groups.

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Basant Festival Lahore Pakistan


With the advent of spring, skies of Lahore and Rawalpindi are resplendent with all types and sizes of kites. The entire population participates in kite flying matches to herald the coming of spring.  

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Shimshal Kuch Festival Tour


Shimshal is the remotest area of the Hunza Valley in the Upper Hunza Gojal, bordering with China.Shimshal covers the largest territory within Upper Hunza, from its western reaches bordered by the Hunza River.

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Kalash Spring Festival


The Kalash believe they are originally from Tsiam, although no one yet knows where that is. It is more likely they are descendants from Indo-Aryans (about 2000BC). 

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Kalash Summer Festival


Kalash people organize Uchal, the harvest celebration to pay homage to the Almighty that blessed them with fruits and other crops. They prepare cheese, buttermilk and corn to celebrate this festival.

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Kalash Winter Festival


The festival is celebrated to welcome the arrival of the New Year. All the Kalash people remain indoors and outsiders are not allowed to enter their settlements for 7 days.

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Horse & Cattle Shows in Pakistan


Horse and cattle shows are held at several places in the country to provide recreation and create an opportunity for healthy competition in various species and breeds of livestock.

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Sebi Mela Pakistan


Fairs are celebrated everywhere in the world, sometimes to commemorate a special event or seasonal change. This fair, held in the small but historic town of Sibi. It is 163 Kms, 3 hours drive, to the south east of Quetta.

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Folk Festivals Pakistan


Pakistan folk arts are centuries old. Unfortunately these arts are not being carried forward and there is a fear of the heritage being lost. Awareness is being created by organizing workshops, exhibitions, musical evenings etc.

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Silk Road Festival


For centuries, the Silk Route remained the main trading route between the south Asia and central Asia. The Silk Road Festival has provided a great opportunity to travelers to explore the un-spoiled natural beauty & unique cultural.

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