Pakistan folk arts are centuries old. Unfortunately these arts are not being carried forward and there is a fear of the heritage being lost. Awareness is being created by organizing workshops, exhibitions, musical evenings, stage plays, craft festivals etc.A Folk Festival is held annually at Karimabad during the month of December This colorful festival features cultural groups from all over Hunza to exhibiting their handicrafts, folk dances and music.Thomoshalling: This festivals is depend on the myth that there was a bad ruler named as Shiri Badat who slaughter small kids as his most loving food, he made a proper plane to kill kids with the help his daughter and his plot worked. Therefore, it is related with the wicked ruler shiri Badat‘s death, in the 21st century he was thrown to the fire. In the hunza valley this event is known as Thomoshaling while in Khowar language it is Dashti. In the late November this festival is celebrated. People celebrate it in a style that they used to take fire from their houses to a specific place and at that place all the fire is collected to celebrate the Shiribadat’s death.Marriage ceremonies: In November and December marriages are usually celebrated after the completion of harvesting threshing and all other associated work. But now at present time people do not wait for winter, they arrange marriages when they feel financially stable but still, Marriages are celebrated traditionally with great joy and happiness. Silk Route Festival: Historian declares that thousands of years ago, along theIndusriver there was a path way.  A Chinese traveler noted that this path was nothing more then a line to hell, in 13th century Marco Polo on the great North road had track silk route. 

To this ancient route Karakorum highway has given a new life, many events has been organized by AKRSP with coloration of local tours operators( i.e. Hunza Adventure Tours Pakistan) to enhance tourism  and   to review the ideas of silk route and also enhance the relationship between different societies across the border.

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