Apricot or Cherry blossom or spring season is one of the best and interesting periods to visit to the mountain valley of Karakorum, "HUNZA". During the spring season the fruit trees erupt in white blossom and down the valley looks like white carpet. The blossom starts first by the almond trees then apricot trees, cherries, applies, peaches and pears, give wonderful contrast of blossom among the high snowcapped mountains. These fruits are an integral part of Hunzakutz’s diet. Apricot trees are more common in Hunza and Nagar valleys, which is famous legend fruit of the valley and in ancient time was main source of the food. 

Hunza is located in the Northern part of Pakistan near the borders of China and Afghanistan. Hunza is well known for its picturesque beauty and as well as the culture and tradition of the mountain people. For the hundreds of years it was an isolated state, ruled by the king or Mir locally called “THAM”. At the nineteenth centuries the kingdom had become a princely state that was protected by the government of British India, after the partition from India, Pakistan gained control of these areas in Passu cathederals in Hunza Valley of Pakistan Passu cathederals in Hunza Valley of Pakistan

Passu cathederals in Hunza Valley of Pakistan 1947 but Tham/ Mir was allowed to rules over local matters until 1974 and then Pakistan took over completely control. 

Normally blossom starts from end of March to end of April in the valley and best to start the trip in the first week of April. Hunza is connected from the capital, Islamabad by road, Karakorum highway and by air to Gilgit then by road to Hunza Valley 3hrs drive. All the flights to Gilgit from Islamabad are subjected to weather condition.





01 Arrive at Islamabad airport, sightseeing and overnight at hotel. Hotel
02 Fly to Gilgit and sightseeing around or drive to Chilas. Hotel
03 Continue to Karimabad-Hunza. Hotel
04 Drive to Hopar then to Duikar. Hotel
05 Drive to Lake then by boat to Gulmit. Hotel
06 By walk to Gulkin and Borite Lake. Hotel
07 Continue back to Karimabad. Hotel
08 Drive to Gilgit or Chilas. Hotel
09 Fly to Islamabad or drive from Chilas to Islamabad. Hotel
10 Departure from Islamabad (drop to the airport). - - -
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Colors of Hunza Valley, Pakistan
Hunza Valley, Pakistan


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