Kalash People
The Kalash believe they are originally from Tsiam, although no one yet knows where that is. It is more likely they are descendants from Indo-Aryans (about 2000BC).  Many historians believe the Kalash are descendants of the soldiers of Alexander the Great.

The kalash valleys of Rumbur, Bumburet and Birir are within Chitral District of Pakistan. The kalash people are the only non-Muslims for hundreds of miles. They may be a little wary of strangers, but usually do welcome who wants to become acquainted with the kalash way of life.

The 3500 Kalash of the valleys live in unique houses made of local stone and wood which are stacked on top of one another at steep hillsides. The roof of one house is the verandah of another, on top of the lower house. They make their living with staple crops like lentils or wheat and by goat herding. Life is very traditional, like in many parts of the world, and the work division between men and their women is elaborate. Family life, cattle herding and harvesting form their main livelihood with the occasional distraction of a festival or two. Women move into a Bashaleni house when giving birth and also when they are menstruating. Many aspects of the society are both communal and segregated and typically, marriages are made by arrangement.

The festival is celebrated to welcome the arrival of the New Year. All the Kalash people remain indoors and outsiders are not allowed to enter their settlements for 7 days. The people have a merry time by free wine drinking and they sacrifice goats. People show their thanks by dancing and singing together, enjoying every moment.

During the festivals prayers, a procession is made to a high plateau outside the village in Balangkuru where the long night of dancing begins. The festivals continue for many more days moving on to different locations within the valleys.





10 1 Arrival in Islamabad. Afternoon City Tour. Hotel
11 2 Fly or Drive for Chitral. Hotel
12 3 Drive to Bumburet, Kalash valley. 2 hours drive. Camp
13-22 4-8 Well experience of kalash winter festival and enjoying the Kalash Girls’ dance and other activities during the events. Camp
23 9 Drive back to Chitral. Afternoon visit to Tooshi for Wildlife watching and Photography. Hotel
24 10 Fly to Islamabad. Afternoon Islamabad City tour. Hotel
25 11 Transfer to Airport for onward destination.
Shandur Polo Festival Gilgit-Baltistan
Shandur Polo Festival Gilgit-Baltistan

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