Altitude: 6500m
Grade: Demanding
Season: May-Oct.
Zone: Open
Days: 26

There are several Latok peaks of different height that are Latok-1 (7145m), Latok-II (7108m), Latok-III(6940m), Latok-IV( 6456m), Latok-IV SE (6450m). There are other peaks nearby, which are Baintha Brakk SE (6960m), Choktoi (6166m), Lakpila Brakk (5500m), Spalding (5590m), and Biacherahi Towers (5900m). 

We will have the three-day trek from Askole village to reach Latok Peaks. We can also trek from Pnamah Glacier to reach the Latok peaks. 





01 Arrival & Stay in Islamabad. Hotel
02 Drive to Chilas. Hotel
03 Drive to Skardu. Hotel
04 One day stay in Skardu for sightseeing. Hotel
05 Drive to Askole valley. Camp
06 Trek to Namla. Camp
07 Trek to Mango. Camp
08 Latok base camp. Camp
09-20 Climbing. Camp
21 From Mango trek back to Namla. Camp
22 Namla to Askole. Camp
23 Askole to Skardu. Hotel
24 Drive to Chilas. Hotel
23 Drive back to Islamabad. Hotel
26 Departure from Islamabad. - - -
K6 or Baltistan Peak, 7,282 m (23,888 ft)
K6 or Baltistan Peak, 7,282 m (23,888 ft)
K6 or Baltistan Peak, 7,282 m (23,888 ft)


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