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With an unrivalled concentration of the world's highest peaks and longest glaciers, Baltistan is a mountaineer's paradise. However, this spectacular land is also a labyrinth of enchanting valleys, which have a great deal to offer to slightly, less athletic travelers. Surrounded by lofty mountains, Baltistan remained free from foreign intervention until the Kashmiri Dogra invaded the territory in the mid 19th century. At the " partition" of India in 1947, Baltistan became a part of Pakistan. But it was only as recently as 30 years ago that the road was finally completed connecting the area formerly known as “Little Tibet" to Gilgit and Islamabad. Isolated from Western influence, village life in the area remain much as it was centuries ago. Our new 2-week trips really are a step back into history. Flying into Skardu, we have 2 days of relaxing exploration before jeeping to the remote village of Khaplu and Hushe. We have also included an easy 3-days trek above Hushe Village, to the base of Masharbrum. Aimed at adventurous travelers, this is a unique insight into a hidden kingdom.





01 After arrival to Islamabad transfer to Hotel. Hotel
02 Drive Chilas. Hotel
03 Drive to Skardu. Hotel
04 Drive to Arandu by Jeep and back to Skardu. Hotel
05 Drive to Khaplu by Jeep. Hotel
06 Explore Khaplu. Hotel
07 Drive to Hushe by Jeep. Camp
08 Drive to Skardu by Jeep. Hotel
09 Drive to Deosai, Kalapani Bridge. Camp
10 Drive to Astor, Rama by Jeep. Camp
11 Drive to Karim Abad by Jeep. Hotel
12 Sight Seen in Karimabad. Hotel
13 Drive to Khunjrab Pass. Overnight in Gulmit. Hotel
14 Drive to Gilgit. Hotel
15 Sightseeing in and around Gilgit. Hotel
16 Drive to Gupis. Camp
17 Drive to Mustuj. Camp
18 Drive to Chitral. Hotel
19 Drive to Kalash Valley. Camp
20 Sightseeing in Kalash Valley. Hotel
21 Drive to Chitral. Hotel
22 Drive Dir over. Hotel
23 Drive to Rawalpindi. Hotel
24 City tour in Rawalpindi/Islamabad Hotel
25 Fly back to Home.
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