K2 base camp over Gondogoro la is one of the best treks in the world. The trekking starts from the village of   Askole, walking along the Baltoro Glacier to reach Concordia. Concordia is the heart of Karakoram Range, and center of a complex of some of the world highest peaks and many of the largest glaciers. On every side, within radius of 24 kms, rise up ten of the world’s thirty highest peaks, including, K2, Broad Peak, and Gasherbrum peaks. Crossing the high pass of Gondogoro la and enter the other side of Karakoram in Hushe valley. The best trekking season is from month of June to mid of September each year. 




01 Upon your arrival at Islamabad airport, we will meet you there and transfer to hotel for overnight stay. After short rest in hotel, we will  we will visit the Ministry of Tourism Islamabad for trekking permit and briefing.  Overnight stay in hotel.
02 After breakfast in hotel we will driver to Chilas in a private air-conditioned car or  van on Karakoram Highway. During our journey we will make many stop for Lunch, Tea, etc and photography of stunning mountain scenery. On reaching Chilas, transfer to hotel for overnight stay.
03 After breakfast in Chilas hotel, we will continue drive to Skardu and on reaching Skardu, overnight stay in a hotel.
04 Askole (3048m): 6/8 hours jeep drive: Depending on road condition:
Jeep drive to Skardu. The road traverses a sandy desert that must have been a lake during and just after to the ice age; signs of this can still be seen. The green oasis of Shigar is soon reached, following the swift flowing Shigar River, upstream, the road lead through orchards and sandy stretches. The Haramosh range, with its snow covered peaks, rises the left. Soon after Shigar, at Skoro, a trail branches northeast to cross Skoro La (5070m) and drop directly to Askole. In the main valley Tandara village is a paradise of green trees, flowers and fresh cool streams amidst the rocky wilderness. A few kilometers ahead the Braldu River meet the Shigar and the road turning northeast, enters the Braldu valley and arrives at Dassu (2679m). Now the road and Braldu River becomes more enclosed. The road climbs strenuously and having gained about 500m, it descends to a gravel bed over moraine and sand. The road leads through a section where the valley widens and reaches the oasis of Biano and further drive to Askole village. Here we have to arrange porters. At Askole, we will stay in tents.
05 Askole-Burdumal (3353m): 19 Kilometers:
We will start our trek, the trek beyond Askole enter the region that Fosco Maraini described as "the great museum of shapes and forms". The trek crosses erratically over the terminal moraine of the Biafo Glacier where it meet the Braldu valley. About 8km after Askole the trail crosses the tongue of Biafo glacier, which look like waves of ice and "gives the impression of great storm-tossed sea, suddenly immobilized." Another 4 km ahead we reach korophone camping ground,  beyond which the trek follows up the Dumordo River for a short way, crossing a bridge to its east bank and continuing along the Biaho Lungpa. After reaching the Budumal, overnight in tents.
06 Burdumal-Payu (3368m) 15 Kilometers:
Trek to Paiyu, a fairly easy section towards the Baltoro Glacier. After Burdumal the valley widens and the trek ascend broad scree slopes from where one has the first glimpse of the glaciers snout which is rock strewn, gray and ugly. Descending a little and following the Biaho Lungpa we reach Payu. In Balti the name means Salt, quite apt, for beyond the birch and poplar trees growing in the valley can be seen slopes white with a light saline deposit. The camping ground is situated on a flat terrace littered with boulders. Ancient poplar trees can be seen growing along a crystal clear stream flowing nearby.
The Payu is traditional halt spot for porters, we like to stay or not but we have to pay full day halting allowance and food to porters and guide as per Government of Pakistan rules and regulations.
07 Free Day at Payu:
Free day to explore surroundings of Payu campsite..
08 Payu-Liligo (3715m): 10 Kilometers:
Trek to Liligo, in the broadening valley beyond Payu the giants of Karakoram start coming into view. The trail enters a region of icy wilderness where the storm-tossed surface of the glacier is seen covered with loose rocks. We will continue along the northern flank of the valley over hillocks and wide stretches of stones, The glacier, about 2 kilometer wide, curves northeast and then east on the long course from its head at Concordia. Trekking on the glacier will slow and tiring and we will have to make extra effort to finding a safe route, avoiding ice ridges and crevasses. In time, we will reach Liligo, a flat and perfect camping ground
surrounded by lofty peaks. Overnight camping.
09 Liligo-Urdokas (4011m) 10 Kilometers:
Trek to urdokas, the most tiring and strenuous part of the whole trek will starts. It involves may subsidiary glaciers flowing in from the north between great rock peaks, climbing up and down over a confusion of rocks and threading a way through an endless maze of giant boulders. To the left sharp snow covered peaks and granite spires stab the sky. At last we will reach Uurdokas, which in Balti means "fallen stones." The actual camping ground here is situated 300m above the glacier, on a broad grassy slope. Several overhanging caves and rock shelters perched on the steep hillside can be found dotted around.
10 Urdokas-Goro-II (4345m) 12 Kilometers:
Trek to Goro-II, another strenuous stretch over snow and moraine hillocks of frozen icy rocks. Crossing the glacier, sometimes the snow turns soft an one sinks knees deep into icy slash. Goro camping site is located on the North bank of amidst moraine hillocks.
11 Goro-II-Concordia:
Trek to Concordia. It takes 3 to 4 hours to reach Concordia; all around are giant ice clad mountains of 7000 and 8000m. Concordia is at the heart of Karakoram range, and the centre of a complex of some of the world's highest peaks and many of its largest glaciers. It is a location steeped in history, redolent of the adventurous, questing spirit that drove the earliest explorers and mountaineers to pursue their objectives whatever the hardship met: G.T.Vigne who first discovered the Karakoram System; Lt.Montgomerie and Godwin Austen who first identified and measured the distant peaks including K-1(Masherbrum) and K2; Younghusband , Conway, Jacot-Guillarmod; the Duke of Abruzzi accompanied by his splendid photographer, Vittorio Sella; Kenneth Mason of the Survey of India; the Duke of Spoleto and Professor Desio; Dr. Visser and his wife; Shipton, Tilman and Auden; and the baltis, Balti men, and balti Porters who carried and endured for they knew not what. All contributed to the unraveling and understanding of this great, awe-inspiring mountains system; many are commemorated in the name of glaciers. passes and peaks. 

Concordia, or Place de La Concorde as Martin Conway called this unique crossroads, is now the meeting place of mountaineers, trekkers, travelers, adventure and nature lovers from many lands brought together by shared interests and ideals and common goals. Overnight Camping at Concordia.
Free Day at Concordia:
Free day to explore K2 base camp, Broad Peak base camp and back to Concordia for overnight stay.
Concordia-Ali Camp:
Trek to Ali camp, overnight in tents.
Ali camp-Gonodogoro Pass (5585-m)-Khuespang:
Early in the morning we will start climbing to Gondogoro Pass and after crossing the pass we will reach the Khuespang campsite of Hushe valley of Baltistan. Overnight in tents.

Free day at Khuespang:

Free day to explore the surrounding areas of Khuespang. Here you can climb a peak of 5800 m named as Gondogoro Peak. Overnight in camp.
Trek to Dalsangpa. overnight in tents.
Trek to Saischoo, overnight in tents.
Trek to Hushe, overnight in tents.
Jeep drive to Skardu, overnight in hotel.
Drive to Chilas, overnight in hotel.
Drive to Islamabad. overnight in hotel.
Visit Ministry of Tourism Islamabad for de-briefing. Overnight stay in hotel.
Transfer to Islamabad airport for fly back to your destination and end of our services. 
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