School Trip in Pakistan:
We are specialized in organizing action and community work to meet the requirement of students from Treks, Wildlife Safaris, White Water rafting, Culture & Pilgrimage tours, community work at orphanages and government schools in Pakistan with the rustic facilities of the remote without changing pristine naturalness of the setting. Our aim is to provide sound school holiday/trips at a fair price, hassle-free arrangements and to be the best value in town.

We prefer to handle school groups with personalized itineraries, quality service and more value for students travel money to meet their requirements.  Our experience includes serving varies International Schools from Hong Kong, England and the USA for last few years very successfully. In a process, we would be pleased to send you some references. You may talk to any teacher who leaded their trip through us about their experience with Hunza Adventure Tours.

Pakistan is a unique county in the world as it is very rich in terms of the natural and cultural heritages including THE WORLD SECOND HIGHEST MOUNTAIN (K2 8611m) and many other high peaks of Eight thousand meters high, the highest mountains among fourteen five is located in Pakistan and at the same time there is the low land part called the which is in the southern part of Pakistan consist of many thick jungles and fertile land. It proves that Pakistan is rich in bio diversity. We have land from 60 meter above sea level to the TOP of the world means we are very rich in landscape and we have various temperature scales and the climate in Pakistan- which is not possible in any country in the world.

A part from this Pakistan is home for more than 90 ethnic groups who have their own language, culture and life style believing in different religions and living together in peace and harmony- which can be found nowhere in the world. In addition to this Pakistan is rich from the point of view of religious diversity. People from various religions live together in religious harmony. The major religions here are Muslim, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Shikh and many more. So, we can claim that Pakistan is the best destinations for the students of the schools and colleges to learn and experience the adventures, importance of team work, group work , team building, leadership ,cultures, peoples, lifestyles, livings, languages, history, geography, religions, wildlife, sports, floras, faunas, architectures and many more subjects by doing trekking in the Karakoram and tour in those historical sites- so, we will carefully designed the trip itineraries for you according to your needs, interest’s & timeframe.  Including sightseeing, trekking, rafting and wild life safari, Jeep Safaris & many more.

Objectives of the Student Trip in Pakistan:
Our main objectives of this trip are to provide the teachers and students with a wider knowledge of the culture, Nature, Geography, history, custom and life style of the different ethnic groups of people in different part of the Country. They get to experience themselves; the different way of lives lived in this part of the world. This would enable everyone to make a comparative evaluation of his or her own lifestyle. By participating in outdoor adventure activities such as trekking, rafting, jeep safari they gain the opportunity to enjoy the experience nature and enhance the mental and physical toughness. By traveling in a group, students inherently develop tolerance amongst their peers, endurance in conquering the valleys and mountain terrain, team spirit and resourcefulness and not forgetting building up their resilience, determination and naturally their physical fitness.

Above all, these trips take both teachers and students out of their classroom environment and are indeed very unique bonding sessions. Students returned with a greater awareness of the difference between their needs and wants. Teachers gained a better perspective of their students and often learn to innovate on their teaching methods thereafter. 

  • Our trips are designed to meet the needs of students' score for their community and action work.
  • Our guides and staffs are friendly, professional, and responsible, well trained having experience for years in providing customized services and speak very good English. They are trained first Aiders and carry a comprehensive first aid kit. They are talent and know how to cope with mountains and know to handle with safety of the students and the rescue facility in emergency.

  • IconWe emphasize on eco-friendly trip & provide training to all staff to minimize the environmental impact in trekking areas.
  • IconWe compile personalized itineraries and school trips with the needs of both teachers and students in mind.
  • IconWe provide an environment-porter in each organized trek to bring back all the non-biodegradable items.
  • IconWe care our staff/porters by providing enough/warm equipment and cloths and all of them are insured.
  • IconWe support and respect nature, wildlife, local economy, social and cultural values of local communities.
  • IconWe follow rule and code of ethics of travel industry.

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