The meeting of three great mountain ranges in the Northern Areas of Pakistan makes it a unique place for the trekking lovers and adventurers. The itinerary is designed to reach the Base Camps of the three peaks Nanga Parbat in Himalayas, Rakaposhi in Karakorums and Trich Mir in Hindukush. 





01 Arrive Islamabad. Hotel
02 Flight to Gilgit. Hotel
03 Drive to Tato and trek to Fairy Meadows (3-4 hrs trek) Camp
04 Day excursion to Beyal Camp near Nanga Parbat BC Camp
05 Return to the KKH and drive to Minapin. Hotel
06 Trek to Hapakun (3-4 hrs). Camp
07 Trek to Tagafri (4-5 hrs). Camp
08 Excursion to Katcheli for views of Rakaposhi and Diran. Camp
09 Return trek to Minapin and drive to Hunza. Hotel
10 Full day sightseeing in Hunza. Hotel
11 Drive to Phander. Hotel
12 Drive to Mastuj by 4WD across Shandur pass. Hotel
13 Drive to Shagrom by 4WD. Camp
14 Trek to Bandok (4-5 hrs). Camp
15 Trek to Shogor (4-5 hrs). Camp
16 Trek to Babu Camp (6-7 hrs) Trich Mir BC. Camp
17 Free day at Trich Base Camp. Camp
18 Return trek to Shogor. Camp
19 Return trek to Shagrom. Camp
20 Drive to Chitral. Hotel
21 Excursion to Kalash valley of Bamboret. Hotel
22 Drive across the Lawari pass to Swat. Hotel
23 Sightseeing in Swat and drive to Islamabad. Hotel
24 Sightseeing in Islamabad and departure. - - -
Rakaposhi Base Camp Trek 7788M
Nanga Parbat Base Camp Trek 8,126m
The Great Karakoram Traverse Trek


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