Duration: 30 days
Elevation: 7545m
First Ascent: 1956
Best Period: June – August
Hotel nights: 12
Camps: 17

Muztagh Ata is the second highest of the mountains which form the northern edge of the Tibetan Plateau. It is sometimes regarded as being part of the Kunlun Shan, although physically it is more closely connected to the Pamir. It is also reputedly one of the easiest 7,000 m peaks in the world to climb, due to its gentle western slope and the comparatively drier weather of Xingjian.

Muztagh Ata lies just south of Kongur Tagh, the highest peak of the Kunlun Shan, together they form a somewhat isolated group, separated from the main chain of the Kunlun, and also separate from the Pamir Mountains to the west. (Both peaks are sometimes regarded as being in the "Chinese Pamir", and are more closely connected to the main Pamir group than the main Kunlun group.) Not far to the north and east of this group are the lowlands of the Tarim Basin and the Taklamakan Desert. The Karakorum Highway passes very close to both peaks.

The Swedish explorer and geographer Sven Hedin made the first recorded attempt to climb Muztagh Ata, in 1894. Additional attempts were made in 1900, 1904 and 1947, the last by the strong team of Eric Shipton and Bill Tilman who came very close to the summit but were turned back due to cold and deep snow.
The first ascent of the peak was in 1956 by a large party of Chinese and Russian climbers, via the west ridge, which is now the standard route.
Since the first ascent, many ascents of Muztagh Ata have been made. In 1980, a party led by Ned Gillette made a ski ascent/descent of the standard route, the first ski ascent of a mountain over 7,500 m (24,600 ft). An ascent of the much harder south-east ridge was made in 2000.





01 Islamabad/Rawalpindi. Hotel
02 Drive to Chilas on Karakorum highway 11-12hrs. Hotel
03 Drive to Karimabad 6-7hrs Hotel
04 Drive to Attaabad Lake – Gulmit. Camp
05 Drive to Tashkorgan. Camp
06 Drive to Karakul Lake Camp
07 Trek to Muztagh Ata base camp Camp
08-22 15 days for climbing Camp
23 Trek down to Karakul Lake and drive to Kashgar Hotel
24 Trek down to Karakul Lake and drive to Kashgar then drive to Tashkorgan Hotel
25 Drive to Sost- Attaabad Lake- Karimabad Hotel
26 Fully day explore Hunza valley Hotel
27 Dive to Besham 9-10hrs Hotel
28 Drive to Islamabad 5-6hrs Hotel
29 Free Day in Islamabad for sight Seeing. Hotel
30 Transfer to Islamabad airport for international flight. - - -
Muztagh Ata 7545 M
Muztagh Ata 7545 M
Muztagh Ata 7545 M


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